The Players


History: It all started at a deer camp in Northern Michigan with a wide-eyed kid watching his old man pound out classic oldies on an old 12-string. A self taught guitar player and singer since high school, Erik has been a closet musician first on the private bonfire circuit and eventually graduating to various contemporary Christian bands and efforts as his work has taken him around the country. Now with Reclaimed Wood, Erik has the privilege to play with guys that love acoustic harmony as much as he does - and to hopefully bring along the audience for that one last chorus...

Influences: The Eagles are front and center. Mix in some Seger, Indigo Girls and anything in the new Americana genre. If it's got harmony and is played unplugged, he's all in.



History: A passion for acoustic oriented rock music hit Chris hard as a teenager and hasn't let up since. A basically self-taught guitarist and sometime keyboard player, he's performed with duos, trios and larger bands from Massachusetts to Florida and spots in between. He is an award-winning singer/songwriter and recording artist who has been involved in producing/recording several CDs along with his musical wife, Daya, who he met as a street musician. With Reclaimed Wood, he gets back to sharing with audiences the harmony, great songs and acoustic guitar tones that inspired him on his musical path.

Influences: Started with my father playing the piano and mom singing harmony at family gatherings; then listening to records, CSNY, Moody Blues, Cream, The Animals, Beatles and my father's Dixieland jazz music being played in the house as well.



History: Dan grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He started to play guitar as a teen and hasn’t stopped since. He has bounced around the country and played music along the way—solo in the coffeehouses of Seattle, in a classic rock band in New Mexico, in an acoustic trio in Maryland, and in too many other configurations to list. He is equally at home presenting his own material or an interpretation of another artist’s song.

Influences: The songs of his initial influences—Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, and Steely Dan sound as good today as they did back then.


Last updated 4April22